Rez-One Knowledge

For Parents

Going away to school is not just a big step for the student, this time also represents a major shift the parent(s) in terms of the level of responsibility that they have spent years undertaking. We understand that the planning pertaining to student living accommodations is generally not a decision that a student makes alone. That’s why we make ourselves just as accessible to the parents of our prospective residents as we do the prospective residents themselves.

Whether you are concerned about your child’s security, compatibility with roommates, or ability to focus on their studies in a shared living environment, we can help you feel good about choosing Rez-One. Our experience has shown us what is important to our residents and their families and we have created mechanisms, safeguards and accommodations for every eventuality. If you still have concerns, please contact us directly at +1 (855) 573-9663 or [email protected] We will be pleased to answer your questions.

To ease your mind

Safety & Security

Understanding that your son or daughter may be living away from home for the first time, security concerns are a natural priority. We built each of our properties with the safety and security of our residents in mind. All properties include but are not limited to:

  • On Site Security 24 hours a day
  • Front Desk Reception from 10am-6pm daily
  • Access Only front, back and parking garage (meaning only tenants with a key can enter the property)
  • Access only amenities
  • Access only suites
  • Electronic Reception so your friends can dial up to your suite to be buzzed in

We invite you to check out the safety section of each of our building pages to see the details of the security measures that we have put in place and encourage you to fully explore this site to learn about us and the living opportunity that we provide for students in the Waterloo area. You’ll see that our dedication to individual success is demonstrated by every detail of our student accommodations.